Love Food and Fight Waste

Ever made a meal that was too big or you prepared too much of? Sure; either save the leftovers or throw them in the trash. But often times when we simply throw food in the trash, we are unaware of the harm we are causing on our environment.

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The Benefits from Marketing Yourself as an Eco Friendly Business

External Benefits

Positive Public Relations

When a business uses energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling, reduces its water use, recycles office materials, organizes employee community cleanup activities, uses recycled materials and creates less waste. You then generate positive public relations in your community, industry and with your customers.

You can advertise yourself as a green company or your products as green on your product packaging, in  your advertising and on your website.

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The Single-Use Plastic Water Bottle

Water for sale! Why are we paying for water that we can get free from the tap?  Sounds crazy?

The single use water bottle – of all our other modern day consumerism, it  epitomizes our un-ecological consumption.  It ‘assaults’ not only our environment but also our intelligence and our wallet.

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REDUCE rather than Reuse and Recycle

Reduce your use of plastics!

Most of us find our weekly trash compose more of recyclable pink bags than the black garbage bags. We tend to put all kinds of ‘recyclable’ waste into these pink bags. Does this mean we are doing our bit for the environment?

Our recyclable pink bags are mainly full of all kinds of plastic waste. Does all of it get recycled? And if it doesn’t then where does it end up? Questions we should all be serious about getting answers to.

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Elections 2017 – Vote for the Environment

Both words start with an ‘E’, but unfortunately the similarity, interest and concerns ended there, or rather was non-existent.

We had a hastily called election, with the parties expounding their manifestoes ranging from Brexit, the economy, home security, housing to health and social care.

What about the environment?

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Sustainable Start Ups – Changing our World

Sustainable Start-ups – Changing our World.

If every business start-up thinks and practice sustainability, imagine the global eco impact.

Many start ups in the EU since 2008 have not only been entrepreneurial, innovative and creative but also ‘green’, thus leading the way to ensuring that sustainability is becoming the core of every new business.

With increasing environmental consciousness, especially among consumers, it makes business sense to incorporate green practices and gain the favour of not only like-minded consumers but employees, regulators, and the larger community. A positive public image in this growing trend of environmental consciousness is a big if not the best benefit of going green. It increases brand equity free of charge. Not only will positive brand equity increase sales and profits, more crucially, it will help the business in times of crises when no amount of advertisements or product pricing will help.

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Sustainable tips for a Summer BBQ

Summery eco-friendly foodware for summer BBQ

Despite the occasionally grey and wet weather, summer days are definitely here.  With warmer and longer days, the urge to invite family and friends over for a party or barbecue is ever present. Have fun but at the same time give a thought to how we organise such gatherings and be eco-friendly.

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