Is your Foodware Legitimately Biodegradable?

By definition, most chemicals are biodegradable because they’re capable of being broken down by the action of living things, such as microorganisms. Current international guidelines stipulates that the entire package should be completely broken down and returned to nature within a “reasonably short period of time”

Foodware ONLY claims to be biodegradable when it has NO:

  • evidence of being certified to have met international standards;
  • information on how long the decomposition takes and the by-product that is left behind. This is very much dependent on the composition of the material and the environment in which the decomposition occurs. Biodegradability is not only based on the feedstock of the product but on the chemical signature, that is the way the plastics are put together.

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Ditch the bottled water and head for the humble drinking fountain

We live in a country with a reliable source of drinking water straight from the tap – which is plentiful, hygienic and cheap. So why do we resort to drinking bottled water? – some shipped from around the world – as far as Fiji!  Sounds quite illogical!

As part of the nation’s push to reduce plastic waste, we’ll see the return of the drinking fountains in London.

Head for the drinking fountain because…..


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2018 Eco-Trends -NO to Plastics


Reduce the use of plastic

A significant and obvious trend is a reduction on plastic use, especially the single use plastic vessel.  Plastic woes and the ever increasing plastic tide are very much in the news. Momentum has been gathering at every level to reduce the use of plastic be it in our takeaway food packaging as well as other packaging.  In fact as part of the UK’s 25 year environment plan, the PM has recently pledged to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042.

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The Plastic Straw – Humble BUT Harmful

What do you get when you order a cold drink?

The ordinary single use plastic drinking straw, inevitably.  You put your lips to it without even noticing it, use it for about twenty minutes and discard it – without a thought for where it will land!

An unfortunate Costa Rican sea turtle was found with one blocking its airways!

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Easy Green New Year Resolutions

‘New Year Resolution – Think Green’ – often repeated mantra.

But hey! no harm in repeating something that will benefit all of us. And these very doable green resolutions that we will find easy to stick to and we will not slip into our old convenient eco-unfriendly ways. Remember, big things often have small beginnings and so let’s go waste-free at the individual level and do our bit to support the UN resolution to stop plastic from entering the ocean. So for the eco-slackers, here are some easy Green New Year resolutions.  These simple resolutions will help you save money, cut your carbon footprints and decrease your home waste.

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Crack a Handful of Healthy Nuts

Crack a handful of HEALTHY nuts everyday with your loved ones this festive season.

A bowl of nuts ready with a nutcracker is very much part of Christmas festivity and deco in any home. Aside from promoting family togetherness, the action of cracking a nut and enjoying it comes with many health benefits too.

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Holistic Environmental Footprint

Holistic Environmental Footprint

Considering the front end and the back end of the production of packaging.


We often focus on waste management and disposal of single-use and disposable of packaging. We are not wrong in doing so as we do need to manage our waste and consider the type of product (sustainable or non sustainable) as well as the method of disposal.

But in this obsession with the disposal and waste management, that is the back end; we forget the equally important front end stage; that is the production of such packaging.  We forget how the manufacturing of the packaging can have more of an impact on the environment than even its disposal.

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